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Study Material - Indian Constitution | TNPSC and UPSC in PDF link

Indian Constitution Original PDF for TNPSC Preparation

Indian Constitution Original pdf is recommended to read for TNPSC preparation. You should not memorize all articles in the constitution but you should go through it at least once. While reading Indian Polity – Lakshmikant if you are ready to read a chapter named Fundamental Rights first read the Indian Constitution original pdf on Fundamental Rights. Reading Lakshmikant after reading Indian Constitution Original PDF will be very useful. This method of Studying was even recommended by Roman Saini IAS.

Image result for indian constitutionIndian Constitution was adopted by Constituent Assembly in 1949. It had 395 articles and 22 parts when adoption. Many other articles and three other parts were added to it by subsequent constitutional amendments. As of now, Indian constitution contains more than 444 articles in 25 parts.

Indian Constitution Original PDF:

The above file contains all Articles, Parts, Schedules, Appendices, and Index. Content of Constitution of India is also available in separate files.

The Constitution of India available here is the recently updated version and so the articles are all updated after amendments and contains the latest.

All the amendments made by the parliament of India is available in

Must Know Articles of Indian Constitution:
Article 12 –35 Specify the Fundamental Rights available
Article 36-50 Specify the Directive Principles of state policy
Article 51A Specifies the Fundamental Duties of every citizen
Article 80 Specifies the number of seats in the Rajya Sabha
Article 81 Specifies the number of seats in the Lok Sabha
Article 343 Hindi as official language
Article 356 Imposition of President’s Rule in states
Article 370 Special status to Kashmir
Article 395 Repeals India Independence Act and Government of India Act, 1935

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